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PROMT Professional is a translating tool that provides automatic translations
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PROMT Professional is a translating tool designed to provide automatic translations of texts that use either specialized or general language.
The tool is highly professional, supporting seven languages and multiple file formats for the text documents, such as MS Word, Power Point, Excel and Outlook.
The interface displays the main sections of the program, which provide further access to complex translation services. The "Translation" and the "Launching Applications" sections are the most important for the actual translating process. The former can be accessed when a quick translation of a text is desired. Depending on the type of document you wish to translate, you will have to select the section which best suits your needs: Translate Web Page, Translate PDF document etc.
The second translating section allows for a more detailed customization of the translation process and it should be accessed when the text is a specialized one. In this section you can choose which specialized dictionary to use according to the domain which the text is part of and you can also use the editing options to define the font of your text.
Another section, which is extremely important, is "Promt dictionaries" which you can access whenever you wish to install a new dictionary to make the tool even more reliable and to suit your needs.
Moreover, you will also be able to extract the specialized terminology from a text by visiting the PROMT Terminology Manager Lite from the "Launching Applications" section. Just select the text document you wish the tool to analyze and it will automatically display a list of terms that you will be able to filter according to your own criteria.
All in all, PROMT Professional is a useful application for professional translators and terminologists who need a good translating tool to ease their jobs. Through its complex set of functions the program provides accurate translations, as well as terminology services, that will help professionals save precious time.

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  • Automatic term extraction.
  • Editing options.
  • Translation of PDF files.
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