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Comprehensive and flexible English-based translation tool for professionals
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There is a number of automatic translators out there capable of providing you with quick-and-dirty translations for nothing, and then there is PROMT Professional, aimed at those who take translation seriously and believe that not all automatic translations are the same. This excellent tool comes with lexicons, dictionaries, and databases that not only help professional translators in their work, but can also guarantee a higher level of quality.

Let’s be clear about this – no automatic translator will ever provide you with a perfect translation, and PROMT Professional is, in this sense, no different. However, there are many levels of imperfection, and PROMT provides one of the lowest I’ve seen. And what sets it apart from other automatic translators is its willingness to learn from you and to improve with every translation. Those professional translators using automatic translations as a basis for their work know that a lower level of imperfection directly “translates” into shorter correction times. Here is where PROMT Professional shows all its potential. Thus, thanks to its extensive collection of glossaries, lexicons, and dictionaries – both generic and specialized – the resulting translations come with a much lower number of grammatical and syntax errors than those found in non-professional translation engines.

You can translate into and from English any kind of document and piece of text using PROMT Professional. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian are the languages supported, both at the input and the output side. For short and easy texts you can use the Quick Translation option, which will allow you to paste any text stored on the clipboard and have it translated in a snap. Longer texts, web pages, e-mails, and full documents in any Microsoft Office, PDF or OpenOffice format have their own translation engines, which will respect – as much as possible – the layout of the original document, which will also save lots of time to professional translators. This applies also to complex document structures, such as those found in PowerPoint and Excel files, too. Office tools and well-known browsers will allow PROMT Professional to install as an add-on for quicker translation processes from your favorite tool. Finally, it is important to note that batch translation is also a possibility.

PROMT Dictionaries deserve their own paragraph. There are general dictionaries and specific dictionaries, and you can create your own user dictionaries, and customize them with new additions and tips. The dictionary collections provided (which are purchased separately) offer you lexicons specific to specialized domains and subjects, which will certainly improve the overall quality of your translations. To complement these dictionaries, PROMT offers you a series of apps that will help you use them even more efficiently. There is a Dictionary Editor to create and modify your own dictionaries, a Terminology Manager to extract new words from documents, and a TM (Translation Memory) Manager with an extensive and customizable database of idioms, proverbs, and other regular expressions.

All of these tools, together with its powerful translation engine, its high level of flexibility, and its interoperability with all Office tools and some selected browsers make it one of the most versatile and reliable translation tools available on the market for translation professionals.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast and good-quality automatic translation
  • Translates full documents preserving the original layout
  • Specialized dictionaries for specific subjects
  • Idioms and proverbs databases
  • Translates documents in batches
  • Can work as an add-on in browsers and Office tools


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